andrea (_actualreality) wrote in world_of_taboo,


My taboo cd had a little accident and only half the tracks seem to be working... would anyone be able to send me them or know a site where i can listen to the full songs? i really cant live without my taboo cd! im trying to convince my parents to get me a new one, but i have to wait till my birthday and i dont think i'll last that long! thanks so much to anyone that can help!
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You could try P2P to get the songs that aren't working on your CD (I have the songs in my Kazaa shared folder), just make sure you don't use a program that includes spyware.
this may be a dumb question, but what's P2P?
Don't worry, it's not. :-)
P2P is an abbreviation of Peer-to-peer, and is a way of downloading files. It means, instead of downloading a file from a website, you download it directly from the person who has the file on their computer and shares it.

Here is a simple explanation on what it is and how it works. There are different programs. I use Kazaa Lite (get it here), which works exactly like Kazaa and connects to the same network, except without all the spyware. If you search for audio and "taboo", you should be able to find at least some of the songs.
you see, the thing is that my cousins just had to pay $3000 because they got caught using kazaa. My parents would freak out if i download it again. its only like 5-7 songs... Do you think that maybe you could email them to me or send them through AIM?
I'll Have You
Pretty Lies
Love Is A Question Mark
Talk Amongst
Out Of Fashion
Il Adore
my Come in from the outside is kind of wierd, but i can still hear it, so that one is fine...

let me know if you can... AIM: actualreality00
email: 06asuarez[at]

thank you SO much!

hey... i can load the cd onto my computer and send you the songs via AIM.... i can do it after xmas. if you still need them...

im me at... Elphaba984

I tried emailing but had errors on my part. I can send them to you through AIM: GoggleFML
i love your icon! sondheim rocks!